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"When they are ready...They Are Champions"

"Runners High" & how it drives you to achieve in areas in your life...the physiological/mental effects, etc.

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I come from the world of Speed and Power. I recently joined a running club that focuses on distance (from 5000 meter to Marathons). Running distance always seemed so difficult to me. You see, I am almost all Type 2B muscle fibers, so explosive activities come easy to me, but I fatigue quickly. I am in good shape and I can recovery quickly (like between sprints/weight training sets), but when I do long slow distance, Its exhausting. I started slow and I quickly realized that the fact I am not good at distance means I can get a Phenomenal workout from just a slow jog because my heart rate would spike between 160-195. I learned from one of my coaches that Heart rate is an essential tool for training. I was so concerned about my times, and had that belief that my "will to win" would be enough. Well it wasn't. I would lose these distance races my many minutes to pretty much everyone.

I have always been the strongest and fastest, but now people were telling me I wasn't fast, just because I could not run a fast 5k. I mean would you say a Honda is faster than a Ferrari, just because it can go farther on a tank of gas? Of course not. I got ridiculed for lack of effort, even though (as my heart rate would show) I was working super hard. I stuck with it because I heard about this feeling those people get, and I never got it, but wanted it.. Then it happened. I felt something so phenomenal and bizzare that I can't explain it. I am hooked !!! Its called the "Runners High".

Despite having a heart rate 3-4 times my resting rate, I am tight and out of breathe. I feel fantastic and I don't want it to end. My calorie burn is 1100+ per hour and I am going slow. I feel great and I am burning bodyfat and my metabolism is so fast, that I am synthesizing protein very efficiently and now I am gaining muscle. I can also do other things so much better. While I might not be good at distance it has helped me far more then other forms of training. It is the ultimate form of G.P.P. (General Physical Preparedness) basically. I am in such good cardiovascular shape I can now train more for Speed/Strength and sports skill and not exhaust myself doing so. A thing that drives me in Powerlifting is when heavy weight feels light...I mean, nobody really likes the way heavy weight feels. However it is an incredible feeling when heavy weight feels light !!! I Am now on my quest to find the training formula that will allow me to run long and fast, and feel comfortable, relaxed and pain free. I am willing to go through some intense lactic acid burn and breathlessness to achieve this. It might not make sense to people, but I am an athlete, it drives me !! Well the season is over and I achieved an award at the banquet, but they ain't seen nothing yet !!

Contributing Writer,

David Jaworski

"When they are ready...They Are Champions"