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Personal Trainers - By David Jaworski

People go to personal trainers thinking the trainer knows it all, when in fact the qualifications for becoming a trainer are non specific.  It seems most trainers are kids in college who do it as part-time job, not to mention the fact are more qualified in sales, than sports training.  I see applications that want sales people with a background in sports and fitness.  Now that would be fine if they trained people properly, but they seldom do, as this article will talk about ! People always want an easy way to do something: a pill, a drink, some fancy machine or exotic workout routine, when in fact the best workouts are ridiculously simple in nature. 

That being said Form is extremely important, and although it appears simple to the untrained eye, Form is radically complex to the trained eye. Golf swings and baseball swings take decades to master, and even then, they are constantly tinkered with. Sprinters analyze every step in a 100 meter race (all 45 of them), and of course weight trainers (olympic lifters/powerlifters/bodybuilders) are always working on form of the exercises.  I see these trainers texting their friends and not even paying attention to their clients.  They have them doing advanced off balance (quote unquote) core movements, when in fact they are better of doing basic (yet various styles of) pressing, rowing and squatting. They should do these exercises as intense as possible and continue to try to make strength gains while maintaining perfect form! as for cardio, heart rate is FAR more important than the kind of cardio one is doing. 

My gym would NOT have cardio machines, but rather heart rate monitors that members can use, a rubberized running track, stairs, incline surfaces (for walking/running uphill) plenty of rubber flooring for random calisthenics.  TV's (or trainers) at different stations running group H.I.T. impromptu training sessions...Obviously if a gym is pressed for space they could have a few (real stair) stair masters, treadmills and ellipticals. However, truth is gyms have 100's of these exotic machines taking up space !!! 

Another thing, if a trainer is not in shape, athletic, have documentable athletic accomplishments such as powerlifting numbers or drug free bodybuilding accomplishments, then they probably DO NOT know much about training or nutrition. If they did, they would use their vast knowledge to maintain a fit physique with little effort.  DO NOT give them the benefit of the doubt, your health is far too important        You should do what great athletes did to get so great, not what they do now! A perfect analogy is if you want to be a great bodybuilder, you don't follow what Mister Olympia does the few months before the show, because all he is doing is extreme dieting/cardio and muscle maintenance workouts,,,,You do what he does in the off season, and when he first started bodybuilding, high calories and protein and heavy basic training with plenty of rest......  

A client doing all these exotic 1 arm lunge + snatches with a kettlebell standing on a giant bouncing ball, is as foolish as a beginning bodybuilder doing 2 hours of cardio, cable curls and eating broccoli and chicken, and wondering why is is not getting large and in charge.  All my best workouts are when I spend them on the squat rack, bench press or with a Barbell on the floor...When the bar is on the floor I can row it, deadlift in (sumo/conventional), power clean it, high pull it and clean and press it, even curls and tricepextensions if I want to do some isolation work......Truth be told I sometimes feel that using the squat rack and a bench is making my training less basic,,,ALWAYS a mistake...I probably should never use the bench press or squat rack.  I am probably better off sumo deadlifting in place of squatting and standing military presses followed by pushups for the Chest/delt region !!!  WOW, after writing this article I now realize that I am too dependent on apparatuses, How about you ?????????

David Jaworski

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Happy Health,

Dean Bona