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"When they are ready...They Are Champions"

The Bonafide Results Team

Bonafide Results Team Members have adopted the same beliefs and principals of optimum effort, knowledge and inspiration in guiding you to being the very best and achieving your goals

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Surround yourself with great people.

Getting in optimum health is a very individualistic journey.  I make the decision to go to the gym.  I make the decisions on what goes in my mouth.  I make the decision as to what to play on my mp3.  I...I...I.  Am I too arrogant to think that I can do it better than everyone?  Not at all.  I have spent 22 years putting together my Team.

  • The best Professors
  • The best "champions" - Professional Fitness/BBuilders
  • The best training partners
  • The best posers
  • The best mentors

This list is very long.  Every area in my life has a Team member: my barber, seamstress, family, contributing writers, my muse, my soul inspiration and the number grows and grows.  Meeting any Team member is one of the same.  Every one is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in their own field.  We all share the same positive attitude.  We all believe goals can not be met alone. 

That is why, here, we unite, as a Team.  Or we would crumble, as individuals.

"When they are ready...They Are Champions"