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"When they are ready...They Are Champions"

From the mouth of a Champion - Ms. 2013 Fitbody Olympus

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When I think back to this fitness journey of mine, I believe that fitness found me.  I didn’t have my first gym membership until I was 23, and it was a gift from my father and step mother.  The gym was fun, something to do, and I enjoyed high impact aerobics.  I only took classes, and I did not lift weights.  Years later when I joined the BAC, my routine was cardio machines and cardio classes.  When I began dating my now husband Doug, he suggested that I take the body sculpting classes at the BAC.  It is in these classes, many years ago, that I began my love for weights, bars, and bands.  I learned proper form, and was continually encouraged to up my weights.  I did classes religiously for years, only stopping after my son was born almost 6 years ago and I went back to teaching.  My schedule would not allow me to take the sculpting classes I adored so much.  It was then that I became my own sculptor.  I made up my own routines, upped weights, reps, and was able to make myself sore.  Soon after I was given compliments on my dedication and physique.  As years passed, so did my workout routine.  I researched different lifting techniques on the internet and in magazines.  I started to follow Nicole Wilkins, Dana Lynn Bailey, Heather Dees, Brooke Erickson…the list goes on…on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  I began to idolize these women who compete, as pros, in Figure, and wanted to do what they do.  People at the gym would ask me if I competed, planned to compete, and how I came up with my workouts.  I thought about beginning this contest prep journey a few years back but the timing wasn’t right.  The timing was right this summer.  With the encouragement from my supporting husband Doug of 11 years, women at the BAC, and Dean Bona (TEAM Bonafide Results), I was able to commence my competition journey.  My first competition was the 2013 Olympus, a Natural Muscle Association show, and it was an amazing experience.  I placed first in both categories that I entered: Figure over 35 and Fit Body Open.  My fit life has begun at 39 years old.  I am excited and eager for my next steps on this incredible ride!

"When they are ready...They Are Champions"