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Feeling the Movement

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Feeling The Movement

There has been so much said about "feeling the movement". When in fact what you are feeling is the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle. I see so many people who train in such a manner that they feel an incredible burn and they feel that they have worked the muscle 100%. Not exactly true.  First you need to have definite goals.  Are you training for endurance, speed/strength, muscle gain or fat loss? For the sake of this article we are going to talk about Donna & Donald Bean  (our hypothetical persons), they are trying to build maximal muscle.

When they train, they gets no results and they have perfect form, train at a medium/slow pace and feel everything!  When they do an exercise they really feel it. Truth be told, all they are really feeling is the accumulation of lactic acid.    It's true you want good controlled form, but done in a manner to stimulate as much muscle in the shortest amount of time. They best way is with MAXIMAL resistance in a controlled fashion!  Note I said resistance, not weight. If that weight was the case, the 45 degree leg press would trump squats for leg development, and in that case, just do the 30 degree version for even more growth, add more weight and move it 1/2 inch for even more-not true...You get the picture. So the muscle building formula is quite simple... Be slow on the eccentric, then explosive on the concentric. If you can lift more weight with the same form keep piling on the plates! Slowing the movement down, and decreasing the weight and feeling the burn is a DEFINITE step in the wrong direction!!!!!!!!   Just because you can feel a movement does not mean much!!

In those commercial gym's they have these weight classes and the big emphasis is on feeling it. I mean you are developing  your (LT=Lactate threshold ) and that is beneficial for future training sessions, (so you can train harder)  but by doing an exercise slowly and feeling it, you are not building, your not really burning many calories, you are just developing your LT, it's important, assuming you will train heavy and hard in the near future (as stated above), but most people think all they need is that Burning workout. NOT!  I know, if I would spend 30 minutes either doing super slow hyper extensions (I would feel it in my erectors), or if squatted down half way (with no weight) and held it (I would feel an incredible quad/thigh burn),  I would not get 1/100th of the (Low back/Legs) muscle building benefits of doing one ALL out, explosive 8-15 rep sets of Squats or Deadlifts done to total failure. Think about distance runners who run 50-100+ miles a week... Their thighs are ON FIRE all the time, and few have any development whatsoever (the ones that do, that's from PED's*,HRT*, diet, other workouts and genetics)- not from their distance running. A powerlifter, a max effort H.I.T. bodybuilder and a short (50M*-100M) sprinter, now they have leg development !

---David Jaworski---Team Bonafide Results contributing writer

Mr. Jaworski is a specialist in Exercise Science & Nutrition.  You can friend him on facebook.  Look for his bio on the Team Bonafide Results page soon!