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FAT BURNERS - by Dean C. Bona

I have been waiting to tackle FAT burners.  Everybody wants to know what the magic pill is?  There are always the newest and best coming what is it?

Helping you Shred: Fat Burners

The more correct name for Fat Burners is Thermogenics.  They work by increasing the rate at which your body burns calories, helping put your body in a calorie deficit.

Depending on the particular product, it may work through a variety of mechanisms, including:

  • Increasing the body’s core temperature
  • Interacting with various receptors in the body to increase fat burning
  • Optimizing the fat burning hormones in your body

How should I feel?

Getting the right thermogenic is very important.  You may go through a trial and error period, but this is not a failure.  This is you getting used to you.  Over the last 20 years, I have found I am very in touch with my body (save your jokes).  I know which proteins assimilate best as well as which nutrients work best (and worst).  If you experience an increase in body temperature (slight), increase in alertness and increase in mental focus (more intense), this is good.  Look at your body like a cold fireplace.  You are now adding some gasoline on top of the wood (food=energy).

If you are very itchy (skin), have a slight rash (usually around the neck) or have the "creeping out of my skin" feeling, this is not good.  A lot of companies are adding massive amounts of caffeine and niacin (a specific vitamin B) to their thermogenics.

Watch out for stimulants!

One downside is that many of these products contain high doses of stimulants.  Several companies put stimulants in their thermogenics to help elevate the mood and mental alertness while cutting calories.  Sometimes, an expensive bottle of caffeine is all you get.  Your best bet is to look at the ingredient label.  If you aren’t sure it contains things other than stimulants and at an effective dose, then you always have to research the product further!

Popular Choices:I usually do not go out on a limb and endorse products, however, I will pair up thermogenics against each other.

1. GNC Ripped Pak & OxyElite.  The Ripped pack has your multi-vitamin as well as herbal stimulants to help with metabolism.  The OxyElite is a great thermogenic only.  It is very good with mainting a consistent energy without the jitters.

2. C4 & Jacked - Both are very good pre-workout products.  Most people who like either of these, often use both (not at the same time).  You will experience more of a rush for your workout rather than consistent energy (as listed above).  For those who do not care for these 2, they often like........

3. Neurocore & Vapor (Muscletech).  These two are unique.  The neurocore is a not-so-jittery thermogenic that allows you to control the level of product.  If you want Neurocore on steroids (only drug-free here), go with the Vapor.  Here is the truth on the Vapor...It will give you a rush, intense focus, intense flushing of the skin and do everything you could ever hope for in an intense workout.  You will need to use a bathroom a few times (about an hour or two) after ingesting (not #1). does work like hell.

Other products that have been very popular are:

  • 1MR (1 more rep)
  • Assault
  • Ginseng (had to go old school on ya)

Well there you have it.  Another piece of the puzzle to add to your arsenal to be the best you!

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Happy Health,

Dean Bona