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When they are ready...They Are Champions"

Dean Bona

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I have believed that if you want to reach a goal, nothing should stand in your way.  Through years of education, experience, certifications and championships, I want to bring my undying zest of success to you!  Together, we might not change the world, but merely, as a TEAM, we will surely move a few mountains.

World, meet...

Dean Bona

Having surrounded myself with the best in the business, studied the science and applied the formula's...The end product is Bonafide Results.

Here are some facts about Dean Bona:

  • Birthplace : Buffalo, New York
  • Education : St. Joseph's Colligate Institute '91, SUNY Potsdam '95, SUNY Brockport '97, Medaille Master's Grad. prog.
  • Credentials: Master's Clinical Mental Health Counseling (in progress), B.Sc. Health Science, Minor Dietetics/Nutrition, ISSA Master's Certified, ACE Certified, Lisenced Health Educator (Praxis & NYS), CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Highest Competition : 1996 AAU Overall National Champion - Jr. Mr. America
  • Leisure Time Activities : Spending time with my dog (Happy Hunter) - R.I.P., Listening to music, Debating anything
  • What do you like most about Health & Fitness : The sense of accomplishment I feel with every meal, every set, every minute of preparation thru execution.  Also...Helping create others to be their best
  • What pet peeves do you have about Health & Fitness : That I am one dimensional.  I chose BBuilding/Fitness because I will study harder, I will train smarter, my sport does not practice for 3 months a year only to compete every week.  My sport happens when you sleep, when you take an "off-season", when you put your hand up to your mouth
  • Favorite music to work out to : It may sound strange, but you can find Enya and Public Enemy on my playlist.  But...I have to hear "Run to the hills" (Iron Maiden) at least 5 times a workout
  • Favorite Foods : I don't know what to call it, but...60 grams of chocolate protein powder, 1 cup of quick oats, 4 tablespoons peanut butter, 1/2cup FF Vanilla creamer, 1cup skim milk
  • Least Favorite Foods : Tuna, but I still eat it
  • Cheat Food : Anything with peanut butter or anything you can dunk in blue cheese
  • What/Who inspires you : People I work with that do everything they can to reach their goals.  Also, I work best when someone tells me, "I want to be inspired by you."  I have a difficult time letting others down; always there for everyone else first
  • Future Goals : Publish my book, obtain a Ph.D, MD, get married, have a family
  • Favorite body part to train : Legs
  • Least favorite to train : Legs
  • If you weren't into Health & Fitness, what would you like to be?  A doctor
  • What is something about you that would surprise people : I think I continuously surprise people when they least expect it.  I am a great person to be on your team


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    "When they are ready...They Are Champions"