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David Jaworski

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Vast knowledge.  Vast experience.  David brings these to the table to help educate you understanding all aspects of fitness and nutrition to help you achieve your goals.

World, meet...

David Jaworski

Mr. Jaworski has employed Team Bonafide Results' attitude, philosophy, and action into his Health/Fitness beliefs.


Here are some facts about David:

  • Birthplace : Buffalo, New York
  • Education : Maryvalle HS, Erie Community College, SUNY Buffalo
  • Athletic Past : I play baseball, run track, powerlift, long drive (golf), Bodybuild, various other sports recreationally and cross train
  • Leisure Time Activities : Reading about sports medicine-nutrition-exercise science
  • What do you like most about Health & Fitness : How it helps in other area's of life + when you look good, people are nice to you
  • What pet peeves do you have about Health & Fitness : Steroids, unless they are used in the NPC or IFBB...To be more exact... Someone with little experience can take steroids for 6 months and look as good as I do (but not perform athletically like me).  What really gets me mad, is when I train side by side with that person, they are doing an easy workout and I am training very hard and sometimes very heavy...People see me, and think I am the one who is on something because I am training hard!
  • Favorite music to work out to : The gym music
  • Favorite Foods : Pizza with all kinds of meat and brownie soft serve ice cream sundaes !
  • Least Favorite Foods : Broccoli
  • Cheat Food : Pizza hut Meat lovers pizza with extra sauce and extra cheese + Cajun chicken wings
  • What/Who inspires you : Being the best at whatever I am doing at the present time. Say I am running for cardio, I am not thinking about burning fat, but I am thinking about training for an event. When I prepare dinner for myself, I am thinking that I am Emeril and try to make the healthiest and tastiest meal I can
  • Future Goals : To get credit for what I know and what I can do
  • Favorite body part to train : Legs, Chest and Back
  • Least favorite to train : Abs
  • If you weren't into Health & Fitness, what would you like to be?  A writer & a comedic actor