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"Finding Crossfit" - Doug's Journey

By Doug Newman

Throughout my life I have always been active.  When I was five years old I began playing soccer and as I got older I drifted away from soccer and began to devote my time to tennis fulltime during my middle school years.   I played town tennis for the town of Amherst and took private lessons.  I really enjoyed this but my real passion at the time was basketball.  However, my parents would not allow me to play organized team sports.  When they finally came around to let me play for my high school I was in 10th grade. 

It was at this time I tried out for the junior varsity basketball team.  Throughout the week long try out I hustled, sprinted and dove for every ball.  But,...this was not enough.  I was the final player cut from the team.  Needless to say I was crushed.  About a week after being cut I heard an announcement that would change my life forever.  The boys swim team needed more members.  I thought I knew how to swim.  I can do this. That night I came home from school and told my parents that I was joining the swim team. 

Swimming apparently was something I was OK at. Despite my late start in the sport I was able to continue my swimming career in college.  I was a mediocre swimmer at best at the division III level but, I worked hard became a captain my senior year.  While in college I also played water polo. After graduating from college I was looking for something to do to keep me in shape.  I had no interest in triathlons but I always enjoyed working out. 

I joined a gym and through trial and error learned how to lift. I continued to lift at several "globo gyms" but after getting married, and starting a family it was very difficult to go to the gym on a regular basis while, teaching full time and coaching three seasons.  So I built my own gym in the basement of my house. 

Over the years I have built it up pretty well and it can rival some small privately owned gyms. In my basement gym I experimented with different programs including CrossFit. 

I was introduced to Crossfit by a trainer a number of years ago while I still worked out at the "globo gym." I became fascinated with CrossFit.  The competitive nature of the workouts, the comradery of the box members as I would occasionally drop in at various CrossFit Boxes in the area.  This past Father's Day my wife bought a social deal for CrossFit HOD which is near our house.  The first time I stopped in I was hooked.  I had found a place for me.  With the support of my wife I continue to go to HOD after the social deal expired. I have made tremendous improvements in my hip flexibility, strength, and form.  I try to CrossFit at least 2-3 times a week and supplement that with working out in my basement.

The history.


"When they are ready...They Are Champions"