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Clayton Arnold - NPC National Competitor

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This state-winning wrestling Champion has turned his athletic attention to the world of Bodybuilding and Crossfit competitions.  With one of the best gym's under his guidance (Gold's Gym as well as his home gym), this determined man sees to it that everyone he touches turns into a champion of their own.

World, meet...

Clayton Arnold

Here are some facts about Clayton Arnold:

  • Birthplace : Houston, Texas
  • Education : B. Sc. Exercise Science
  • Credentials: A.C.E CPT, CrossFit CFL1 coach, Official CrossFit Affiliate: CrossFit Execution
  • Highest Competition : Undefeated High School Wrestling State Champion, NPC Jr. USA 5th Place
  • Leisure Time Activities : Snowboarding,4wheeling,motorcycle riding, laying on a beach
  • What do you like most about Health & Fitness : The personal Reward and gratification to your personal results as well as the ability to change people's lives through fitness!
  • What pet peeves do you have about Health & Fitness : Everyone is STILL looking for the "magic" pill,diet,exercise etc. etc. etc. THERE IS NO MAGIC ABOUT FITNESS!!
  • Favorite music to work out to : Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Metallica, 311
  • Favorite Foods : Top sirloin, Baked Potato
  • Least Favorite Foods : Califlower, Asparagus
  • Cheat Food : PIZZA
  • What/Who inspires you : *Arnold Schwarzenegger*  Not for his bodybuilding accomplishments, while equally amazing: He inspires me to be more that just good at fitness or working out.  He set his mind to do whatever he wanted, and he reached out and took it! He pushs me to go for whatever my mind wants to become/do in the future
  • Future Goals : To have a family, own a boat, and retire a happy huspand with grandchildren
  • Favorite body part to train : Shoulders, overhead pressing of any sort/ Olympic lifting- Snatch
  • Least favorite to train : Core
  • If you weren't into Health & Fitness, what would you like to be?  Helicoptor Pilot
  • What is something about you that would surprise people : I grew up without cable tv, no personal cell phone/personal computer AND IM STILL ALIVE!