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"Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?"

 A potential client asked me a curious question yesterday at the gym..."What type of trainer are you?"  That is one loaded question.  When seeking a personal trainer or nutritional specialist, there are myriad questions to ask yourself.  Most important, what kind of trainer do you want?  Let us look at a litany of criteria that must be addressed:


  • A Drill Sargeant?
  • A Buddy?
  • A Therapist?
  • A High-Energy Attitude?
  • A Mild-Mannered Disposition?
  • Someone to hold you accountable?
  • Someone who develops a plan or changes things on the fly?
  • Someone to train with you?
  • Someone to emulate?
  • Someone who demonstrates all movements and stretches?
  • Someone who instructs you into position by "placing" you accordingly (touching)? - [Side Note: Very sore characteristic with me.  Too many, unprofessional, uneducated, inexperienced "trainers" touch their clients.  Your trainer should NEVER touch you.  Ever.  Not even a tap on a muscle to explain "where" to feel it.  If they can't show you on themselves they seriously overstep their boundaries of trainer-client relationship.  Same goes for dating, flirting, anything non-health related.  Rant over.]
  • Someone who knows YOUR goals and develops a plan for only YOU to achieve?  Not some cookie-cutter routine out of a magazine used on everyone.

Obviously, this list can go on and on.  We are a combination of many.  Hopefully, we are not some.  But, each person has their preference and is willing to pay to get desired qualities.  Pay for what you want.  Be very clear as to your expectations of your trainer and understand theirs as well.  When you find the perfect match, it is an amazing win-win.  But, it is about what YOU want...not what your trainer wants.

So how can you begin your search? 

Find a SME - Subject Matter Expert.  This trainer should:

1. Already possesses the desired outcome (of your goal)

2. Possesses the ability (and desire) to share their wisdom (with you)

3. Replicate & Duplicate their advice

Sounds far too simple?  Far from it.  I have heard a million excuses on why people can't reach their goals: Too tired.  Not enough time.  The vitamins/foods are expensive and tedious to prepare. " I DID IT THIS WAY BEFORE!"  The list is endless.

Here is the bottom line.  If your goal is to lose some body fat, tone your muscles, cleanse your inner systems and be happy, then duplicate others that have achieved those (or just one at a time).  If it takes getting up 30 minutes early 3 times a week to take a power walk, do it.  In the long run, you will not be as tired with a lower % of fat.  If you were told to eat carbohydrates after you work out (along with a good Whey Protein, BCAA's [ more on ammino's later], and Glutamine) then try it.  There is a reason for every one of these statements.  It has worked for someone before!  To get technical...Your body is like an empty fireplace.  It is cold, lonely and slow to heat up (when you wake up).  By doing some cardio (brisk walk) on an empty stomach, your body needs to burn something for energy.  Carbohydrates, Proteins, Muscle and FAT.  If you are void of all these (minus the fat) it is in a starvation mode, looking to burn anything - FAT!  After you do your exercise, then replenish your body with protein, carbohydrates (less than 100 grams of complex carbs - not sugars), and BCAA's (along with a dozen other recovery supplements).  Throughout the day, you need to add fuel (food & supplements) to the fire (your metabolism).  When the fire is going down (not eating often enough), add some fuel - GOOD fuel.  I can hear some of you now, "But eating got me in trouble!"  Correct.  Eating the wrong foods at the wrong (not enough) times.

It is impossible to go into this in great detail because that detail is specific to your needs and your lifestyle.  The point is...Find a goal.  Find a trainer who has had success in reaching your goal.  Find the motivation and inspiration to give it an honest shot for a month.

I do warn you.  Do not shoot for unrealistic goals and get frustrated.  This may deter you from ever trying again.  Find a responsible trainer and stick with their advice.  When you start playing the game of, " coworker told me she does friend said to do Dr. said do this...blah blah blah" you will find that not only do you go CRAZY, but very very frustrated.  Keep it simple.

You can hear me saying this line over and over again, "I respect and understand you have a great desire to look/feel your best.  However...If it took you x-amount of years to look like this, what makes you think doing the same things over and over will produce different results?"  This is the definition of insanity.

Do not go insane.  But you would be crazy not to seek the help you want to achieve your best health.

Happy Health,

Dean Bona

"When they are ready...They Are Champions"